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Automate Customer Interactions

Streamline your Business with a Self Service Tablet Kiosk

Some Kiosk Features


Customize the branding for your kiosk. Coordinate with our team members to create the perfect look for your brand.


Verify current members and quickly onboard new members for a membership fee (optional).

Online Reputation

Allow customers to give you online reviews through your integrated kiosk. Make it easier for your favorite customers to leave your reviews.


Sell products straight from your kiosk with a MagTek credit card swipe or QR code sync’ed to your custom branded mobile application (powered by LevelUp).

Automated tasks for brick and mortar establishments.

Corporations that use our Technology

You can find our kiosk software at the following corporate locations

Payments, memberships, self-service ordering & more

Automate tasks for a more efficient business at an affordable price.